what I’m up to

I am currently enjoying the challenge of Northwestern University’s chemistry PhD program. Beyond the lab, I’m pursuing a variety of projects spanning science education, engagement, and communication.

Research. As an NSF Graduate Research Fellow, I am investigating physical processes on nanoscale surfaces under the guidance of Professor Emily Weiss.

Teaching and education. Through the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning, I improve classrooms via scientific inquiry. I am developing, implementing, and reporting a Teaching-As-Research experiment. I am also working with colleagues to design/conduct teaching assistant training workshops for incoming graduate students, advocate for evidenced-based changes to undergraduate curricula, and support a departmental commitment to pedagogy.

Engagement and communication. Time that is not dedicated to research & teaching is devoted to making science accessible to everyone. This endeavor has manifested in a myriad of ways, including participating in amateur stand-up comedy through Science Riot presented by the Chicago Council of Science and Technology. I also enjoy teaching society’s youngest scientists through a variety of after school science education programs for local K-12 students.

How can I help?

I enthusiastically seek opportunities to improve my leadership, communication, and teaching abilities—particularly opportunities that leverage these skills in service of my community. Can I be of help in anyway? Contact me!